Mystic Generating Station

13 Babson College Drive Wellesly, MA
General Contractor:
McDonald Electrical - Prime Contractor
Exelon Generation LLC


Our Power Group furnished and installed a two-pole H-frame structure at Mystic Generating Station to increase the ground clearance of an existing 345kV transmission line. Two 85-ft steel poles with base plates were set on concrete spread footings, with a 43-ft long W-beam cross-arm to support the existing 795 ACSR conductors and shield wires. Existing transformer taps were extended to accommodate the increased cable height. Work required the use of two 100-ft manlifts, a 90-ton crane to raise the poles, and a 60-ton crane to place the cross-arm. Work was completed during a 3-day power outage of Mystic 7 diesel turbine.

In the News

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