Pre-construction Services

Our estimating team strives to give our customers a full and accurate estimate for every proposal we accept. From Basis of Design Narratives, design development drawings, to 100% constructive design documents we utilize our expansive estimating database to capture all the required code compliance issues along with filling in potential items that may need to be required once the design is complete.


Our Team is always trying to improve our ability to offer the quality estimates our customers have come to expect. With the recent market boom, projects are being sent out to bid without the engineers being able to coordinate and capture the full design. Regardless,  we are consistently being called on to supply an accurate budget estimate on design development style designs. We rely on our vast database for historical references and use technology to assist our estimators to estimate the common design items through automated counting practices. This allows the estimator to focus on the specialty aspects of the project and fill in the holes that may yet to be designed so that we can offer a complete estimated budget for the project team to make decisions as to how a project can be moved forward to construction with confidence that they have the right budget.