MEC Service

We understand our clients may require on-call help, so we’ve spread dozens of vans across Greater Boston to accommodate those needs. Our electricians and technicians are professional and proficient; able to troubleshoot issues, diagnose, and correct the problem in the most efficient manner possible. Our customers can also benefit from a more streamlined process thanks to our design-build services.

Services and Capabilities

 At McDonald, we offer an array of services across all of our divisions:

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On-call 24/7 (including emergencies)

All of our divisions support McDonald’s 24/7 emergency call center, from small power & lighting and low voltage building systems to utility power issues, we have over 20 service vehicles and can respond quickly to help resolve our customer’s issues. For emergency calls use 781-340-0008 and to schedule a service call email

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Facility Expansion/Renovations

McDonald’s Service and Systems Division takes on a wide variety of small projects with general contractors, direct to customers, and in conjunction with mechanical contractors. Our staff of seasoned project managers along with some of the industry’s most competent electricians allows us to quickly analyze project needs with minimal documentation and develop a solution that meets all of our client’s requirements.   

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Lighting and Lighting Control Retrofits

McDonald partners with our lighting vendors to offer energy-efficient retrofit options along with finding utility rebates to help enhance ROI if available.

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Maintenance/Facility Assessments, Code Correction, and Compliance

We have the expertise to conduct surveys and inspections of existing electrical conditions and supply a deficiency report along with proposed corrective actions and associated budgets.

Our team also preforms IR thermal scanning services, including full reports and recommended remedial actions. To learn more, click here.