Job Description:

The Safety Manager oversees and evaluates safety protocols, programs, training and administration on various job sites as required.

  • Under the direction of the Safety Director, help enforce organizational safety programs and policies that are meant to prevent injuries, fires, or other workplace accidents.
  • Help direct the identification and mitigation of potential safety hazards, the development and delivery of safety training programs educating employees on safe working practices, appropriate equipment operation, and emergency procedures, or the investigation of accidents and incidents.
  • Ensure compliance with internal safety policies and federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Lead and direct the work of other Safety employees and responsible for personnel actions including hiring, performance management, and termination.
  • Contribute to strategic planning, direction, and goal setting for the Safety department or function in collaboration with other senior management.
  • Establish Safety departmental policies, practices, and procedures that have a significant impact on the organization.

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  • Bachelor’s degree and at least 1-3 years of safety experience
  • HS degree and equivalent experience
  • Extensive experience and understanding of safety concepts and principles.

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