Simmons College Substation Replacement

Project :Simmons College Substation Replacement
Address :300 Fenway, Boston MA
GC :Lee Kennedy Co Inc., Quincy MA
Owner :Simmons College, Boston MA
Scope :Install exterior 13.8 KVA substation and 4,000 amp, 480 volt switchboard to replace existing N-Star substation/switchboard. Scope of work involved primary wiring to new substation along with 13.8 KVA wiring to new 4,000 amp switchboard and to existing campus 13.8 KVA loop. From the 4,000 amp switchboard, 480 volt wiring had to be installed to reconnect the existing buildings. This project was very highly coordinated with N-Star, Simmons and McDonald Electrical in order to minimize shutdowns to the campus
Challenges :Elevated communication and coordination to minimize shutdowns on college campus.